The Leading School Bus Vinyl Repair System
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About Us

Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems was established in 1989 by L.W. Manchac. We started out with just a few distributors and schools. After the passing of L.W. Manchac his son, Timothy Manchac, took over the business and changed it to a wholesale supply business for the school bus seat repair industry. We are a small business located in the small town of Kirbyville in Southeast Texas. Our purpose at Worldwide Vinyl is to provide our customers with everything they need to make their vinyl repairs. Since we opened 28 years ago, we have now grown to have over 100 distributors and over 50 schools/private businesses!

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"...... we have cut down about 40% on seat covers" Wayne Fisher, Transportation Director Haywood County Schools Waynesville, NC


"The Clay County School District Saved $5760." Robert I Hix, Assistant Transportation Director Clay County Schools Green Cove Springs, FL


".... After using the system for two and a half months, testing it on 20 buses, the savings was $1055.00" Rod W. Greenway County Supervisor Aiken School Maintenance Shop Aiken, SC