The Leading School Bus Vinyl Repair System
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SALE!!! Nov. 27-- Dec. 22: Buy 1 case (16 rolls) of Seat Tape and get a $30 credit on your next invoice! [Limit 1 credit per customer] Now Available: Graffiti Remover! With the introduction of our new Graffiti Remover, during the months of October and November we will be giving away a free bottle with every purchase of 5 cases, or more, of paint. Graffiti Remover will come in an 8 oz spray bottle.

Our Products

Our Seat Color Spray comes in 29 colors. We also have Touch Up Sprays for metal surfaces of the bus. There are 6 colors available for interior walls, 4 colors in School Bus Yellow, and also the black for the trim.

The Worldwide Vinyl Repair Kit comes with everything needed to make repairs. Included is an 8 oz liquid vinyl, 3 cans of seat color and/or touch-up spray, 2 grain patterns, heat gun, instructional cd, scissors, applicator knife, 8 oz graffiti remover and SDS sheets all inside a toolbox for your convenience!









Liquid Vinyl is used to make repairs with a heat gun and repair is usually stronger than the original seat cover.









Vinyl Weld is a clear brush on cement
for repairing smaller cuts.







Seat Tape is used for
quick, temporary repairs of tears.









Grain Patterns are used to recreate
           the original texture of your bus seat
                once repairs have been made.

Questions? Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give us a call and we’ll do our best to help you find what you’re searching for!